Our Expertise

The Sunbird Engineering team has worked over a decade with zinc (ZA and ZAMAK) alloy die casting, solving problems with innovative solutions and adding to its library of knowledge with each new project.

Our quality assurance systems oversee each project through product design, tooling design, material selection, and production quality verification. Dedicated to high-quality product and service, Sunbird closely manages its projects through every integral step in die casting of zinc components.

What Is It

Zinc component designs are truly impressive they combine the precision and cost-effectiveness of the die casting process with the exceptional mechanical and physical properties of zinc alloys. Almost any casting process can be used with zinc alloys to satisfy virtually any quantity and quality requirement. Precision, high-volume die casting is the most popular casting process.

Did You Know

Zinc die-casting offers superior strength and more fluid casting compared to aluminum. Zinc’s relatively low melting temperature reduces thermal shock on the tool and lessens wear, significantly preserving and extending the tool’s life span. A well-designed zinc die-cast part can minimize secondary machining and assembly operations.

Use It For
  1. Zinc has high quality finishing characteristics useful for everyday appliances fittings and fixtures
  2. Zinc castings are readily polished, plated, painted, chromated or anodized for decorative and/or functional service
  3. Electronic shielding for computer, mobile and sensitise components