Our Expertise

Progressive die metal stamping allows us to rapidly manufacture components with very tight tolerances. This, plus the time and money savings during the production make it economical and ideal for certain projects.

We offer a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

What Is It

Metal stamping utilizes simultaneous forming operations and allows for a high production rate of small, complex parts. Stamping presses and stamping dies are used to produce high volume sheet metal parts. The upfront cost of hard tooling is offset by very small labour costs.

Did You Know

We have considerable experience and the advanced technologies necessary for fabricating products with intricate geometries, cuts, folds, or engravings with exact specifications. We can help you reduce cost and risk by using modular and digital tooling and finish production runs within tight time constraints.

Use It For
  1. Complex electronic components and telecommunication parts
  2. Parts that require finely detailed elements such as aircraft components
  3. Production runs that require high volume and high turn around times