Sunbird Engineering from Hong Kong and China
Founded in 1997

Sunbird Engineering Ltd. was founded in 1997. The vision of the founder, Bill Pike, was to create a company that would focus on quality and eliminate the hassles usually associated with overseas manufacturing. Building a multi-lingual and multi-talented team, Sunbird has been able to deliver on that vision for almost two decades.

Our expertise stretches from manufacturing components for the heavy automotive and aerospace industries all the way through to consumer electronics.

Part of that vision was to build long-term relationships with clients. We are proud and humbled by the fact that many clients have been with Sunbird for over 10 years even though we’re in the most competitive market for manufacturing services.

A uniquely approachable team looking to change how you manufacture in Aisa

Peggy Lee

Senior Key Account Manager

Bill Pike

CEO Sunbird Group

Chris Machado

Chief Technology Officer

Kenneth Hitchens

Director of Customer Development

Fiona Kwan

UX Architect

Keith Li

App Development